On August 12, 2010, the Ministry of Commerce issued Announcement No. 47 of 2010, deciding to impose anti-dumping duty against imports of purified terephthalic acid orientated in South Korea and Thailand for a period of 5 years starting from August 12, 2010; and the rate of anti-dumping duty of Samsung Petrochemicals Company Limited was 2.0%. On August 8, 2014, the Ministry of Commerce issued Announcement No. 52 of 2014, deciding that Samsung General Chemicals Co, Ltd succeeded Samsung Petrochemicals Company Limited in the rate of anti-dumping duty applicable in the measures mentioned above and other rights and obligations. The Samsung companies that have stakes in the defense contractor Samsung Techwin include Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T and Samsung Securities, while Samsung companies that have stakes in the chemical companies include Samsung C&T, Samsung SDI and Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

Hanwha's petrochemical business encompasses diverse and extensive product lines. In a regulatory filing, Samsung said it was selling the companies in order to step up its core businesses through asset efficiency” and to use the money made in the sales to invest in new businesses.

The court's finding that competing terms must "fall away" was based on UCC precedents, since, as repeatedly (not less mistakenly) stated by US courts, "case law interpreting the CISG is relatively sparse" and "case law interpreting analogous provisions of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code ("UCC") may also inform a court where the language of the relevant CISG provisions track that of the UCC".

SEOUL, July 12 (Yonhap) - Hanwha Total Petrochemicals Co., a 50-50 joint venture of Hanwha Group and Total SA, on Wednesday said it has increased its annual output of paraxylene by 200,000 tons at its facility in South Korea after a two-month upgrade.

As the two companies were launched as Hanwha Group subsidiaries, Hanwha Group now has the nation's largest petrochemical sector worth a total sales of 19 trillion won (US$17.69 billion) and an opportunity to re-enter the oil refining industry in 16 years.

The company also offers energy products, such as light oil, gasoline, jet fuel, byproduct fuel oil, and LPG. Upon examination, the existing evidentiary materials indicate that Samsung General Chemicals Co, Ltd changed its corporate name into Hanwha General Chemical Co., Ltd., and such change complied with relevant laws and regulations of South Korea.

South Korea's Hanwha Total Petrochemicals is considering buying more condensate from Iran to ease its reliance on Qatar and benefit from Iran's post-sanctions era, a company source said Tuesday. Hanwha established Kyung-in Energy and started the oil refining business in 1970.

In the twenty prior transactions, these parties had engaged in a familiar two-step process, whereby they first formed their firm bid and then negotiated the final terms and conditions of the contracts. Hanwha-Total needed to collect energy consumption data at one of its new petrochemical plants in order to manage costs efficiently.

Part of Total's strategy to boost investments in developing petrochemicals based on competitive feedstock and targeting high-growth markets, the ethylene expansion project at Daesan is scheduled to be completed in mid-2019, the French operator said. The Company distributes its products within domestic market and to overseas markets, including China.

Leveraging our extensive experience in trading services and our outstanding network of leading global partners, we are also engaging in the export, import, and domestc sales of organic commodities ourselves, while offering viable business opportunities and up-to-date market information to our customers.

The cargo was purchased by Hanwha Total Petrochemical and it was scheduled for delivery to Daesan on January 8-10. And emerged as Korea's No.1 and one of the world's top-tier petrochemical companies. In terms of the petrochemical hanwha sector alone, the group ranks first in the domestic market, followed by LG Chem and Lotte Chemical.

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